GEKA can optionally fit its CNC automated lines with a drilling unit with nominal power of 11kW and a peak power of 13kw. The drilling station option is placed inline before punching the unit. It uses a CT40 spindle with a maximum 1,500RPN. This option is only available for some CNC punching solutions in Geka’s punching machines and drilling units.

Alfa Series

The drilling unit is a great option to use as an accessory for punching or drilling machines or as a drilling solution. It is the best drilling option when trying to process flat bars, one of the main capabilities offered by the Geka machines in the Alfa Series. The drilling unit may be used in the following CNC solutions.
• Alfa 500, CNC line for punching, drilling and shearing flat bars.
• Alfa 500-150 for punching, drilling and shearing flat bars and angles.
• Alfa Plus, CNC line for punching, drilling and shearing flat bars, its models are: Alfa 500/165T and
Alfa 500/220T.
Please note that the drilling unit may not be used with the Alfa 150 machine.

Paxy Series

All the machines in Geka’s Paxy series, including the Paxy 1000, Paxy 1500, Paxy 2000 and Paxy X Plus feature a vertical drilling unit. The Paxy series is a CNC line of machines which can be used for punching, marking and drilling steel plates of up to 1 9/16” in thickness. The Paxy X plus is a CNC solution for punching, marking and drilling long steel plates up to 708” long and 1 9/16” in thickness.

Gamma Traction 250

The Gamma Traction 250 is a traction system that features a drilling unit with four tools per wing with a maximum diameter of 1-9/16”. It has an ISO 40 tool holder and a drill power of 12 H.P. – 9 kW. Another main component is a programmable automatic unloading system, which allows it to identify and distribute production automatically.

Sigma 110 CNC

The Sigma 110 is a CNC solution to drill, tap, mill, and scribe beams, angles, U profiles, tubes and flat bars up to 39-3/8′′ high. It features a drilling unit with the following characteristics:
• Powerful and reliable drilling head. 20 Peak Hp, 3.000RPM power.
• Extra strong double column guided movement.
• Spindle and rack and pinion X-axis travelling.
• Ultra-fast X-axis acceleration.

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