CNC Punching and Shearing Solutions Line

Geka offers several CNC punching and shearing solutions among its range of products, which aid in automating several metalworking tasks including punching and shearing plates, flat bars and angles.

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CNC Punching Solutions

Geka’s CNC punching and shearing lines are high-performance, fully-automated, and tailor-made through our technical support service to suit the needs of our individual clients’ specific manufacturing CNC process. Our CNC solutions are useful for manufacturers of metal structures, with uses in telecommunications and construction, among other fields.

Geka’s CNC punching solutions include the Alfa Series for processing flat bars, the Paxy Series for processing steel plates, and the Gamma Series for angles processing. Whatever your ironworking needs might be, Geka has a CNC solution for your process.

Flat Bars processing CNC Punching Solutions

The Alfa Series features four models of CNC lines for punching, marking, drilling and shearing flat bars. These machines can process thicknesses from 4mm to 40mm. Alfa Series.

Plates processing CNC Punching Solutions

The Paxy Series consists of CNC lines for punching, marking and drilling steel plates up to a size of 80″ x 30″. Paxy Series.

Angles processing CNC Punching Solutions

The Gamma Series models of CNC lines for punching, marking and shearing angles.
Gamma Series.

Do you have questions about GEKA CNC lines? Our advisors will help you and provide you with any information you might need for your project. You may also talk to our technical support service about your manufacturing process and they will help you by designing a tailor-made CNC solution for your requirements.
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