Tools and Accessories for GEKA stations and CNC Lines

Standard tools and accessories for Geka stations: Here you will find our wide range of Geka tools for different ironworking tasks (punching, notching, bending and cutting). Some of these Geka tools and accessories may be already equipped in your hydraulic ironworker machine while some of them are optional Geka accessories. Details about this may be found in the description of each product.

Find out about our tools for sale by Geka for working stations and the optional accessories that we have designed for a wide range of specific metalworking jobs.

Tools and accessories for punching stations

Multiple kinds of accessories for the punching station of your GEKA machine.
Punching station for Geka Ironworkers

Standard punching equipment

Punching big diameter for Geka Ironworkers

Oversize punching up to Ø 4″

Punching big diameter for Geka Ironworkers

Oversize punching up to Ø 6 1/4″

Punching end of tube for Geka Ironworkers

Tool for punching at the end of tubes

Punching upn profile for Geka Ironworkers

Punching unit UPN

Punching laser positioner for Geka Ironworkers

Laser positioner for Punching

Punching flip stop for Geka Ironworkers

Flip-stop for punching

Multi stop table for Geka Ironworkers

Multistop Table

Tools and accessories for notching stations

Our wide range of accessories for the notching station of your GEKA machine.
Rectangular notching for Geka Ironworkers

Rectangular notching equipment

Triangular notching for Geka Ironworkers

Triangular notching equipment

Tube notching for Geka Ironworkers

Tube notching equipment

Claw notching for Geka Ironworkers

Claw notching equipment

Louvre notching for Geka Ironworkers

Louvre notching equipment

Tools and accessories for flat bar and profile shearing stations

The cutting station of our machines can cut angles, U I and T profiles, flat bars and round and square bars.
Bars cutting station for Geka Ironworkers

Standard cutting of Round and Square Bars

Cutting flat bar for Geka Ironworkers

Cutting of Flat Bars Equipment

Angle cutting station for Geka Ironworkers

Cutting of Angles (90º)

Profile U I cutting for Geka Ironworkers

U and I profile cutting equipment

Punching electric flip stop for Geka Ironworkers

Electric Flip-stop for angles and flat bars

Hydraulic hold down for angles, profiles and flat bars

Hydraulic hold-down for flat bars & angles

T profile cutting bars cropping for Geka Ironworkers

T profile and bars cropping equipment

Tools and accessories for bending stations

Bendicrop Series machines, the only ironworkers in the market with a built-in bending station. Here you can find all the bending accessories you might need.
Bending equipment for Geka Ironworkers

Bending Equipment

Press Brake for Geka Ironworkers

Standard press brake

2 Positions press brake for Geka Ironworkers

2 positions press brake

Tailor-made accessories for Geka’s entire range of ironworking machines

Our technical team designs and provides accessories that enable your GEKA machine to perform the most challenging jobs. We can manufacture almost any tool you might need for our whole range of GEKA machines. You may send us a drawing or a sketch with your requirements.

Bars folding


Chain shearing


Elastic hold-down for punching

geka-usa-flat-bar notching-T-profiles

Flat bar notching for T profiles

geka-usa-straight-cutting - punching

Straight cutting and punching


Rounding of flat bars and 2 punches


Rounding flat bars in punching unit


Punching in the notching unit


Metal ring punching


Notching of louvers with hold-down


Notching of louvres nº 13


Flower shaped punching


Double punching UPN

New GEKA Tools

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