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Geka’s CNC bar feeders and positioners can be mounted on our two-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers (Hydracrop Series) and our punching machines (Puma Series). These automate the task of loading material and increase CNC productivity in your manufacturing process.

Geka CNC Bar Feeders and positioners: Semi-Paxy CNC Positioner for Punching Stations, Pax CNC Feeders for Punching Stations, and the ALRS CNC Feeder for Shearing Stations.

Geka has CNC bar feeders and positioners available for our Puma Series of punching machines and for the punching and shearing stations of our two-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers in the Hydracrop Series. By automating the burdensome task of positioning and feeding materials into the punching and shearing stations of our ironworkers, our CNC bar feeders can drastically increase the CNC productivity of your manufacturing process.

Semi-Paxy CNC Positioner, with stops along the two axis, for punching stations

CNC solution with programmable stops along the X- and Y-Axis and PC control for material positioning in the punching station. Available for those Geka Hydracrop Ironworkers and Puma Punching Machines with a minimum throat size of 20″.

PAX CNC Feeder for punching stations

CNC feeder for material positioning in your ironworker’s punching station. Automates the task of punching lines of holes along the X-Axis. Available for Hydracrop Ironworkers and Puma Punching Machines.


ALRS CNC Feeder for shearing stations

CNC Feeder for material positioning in the shearing station of your ironworker machine. Automates the task of flat bar shearing. Available as part of an option package for the shearing stations in the machines in our Hydracrop Series.

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