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Find bending tools for Geka’s Hydracrop. Here you can find all the bending accessories you might need for your manufacturing operations.

Bending tools for Geka bending machines

Bending equipment for Geka Ironworkers

Standard Bending Equipment

Standard bending tool for the bending station of the Hydracrop Series of Geka ironworker machines. It allows you to get a metal sheet with rectilinear edges and generatrixes. This unit must be placed on the same hydraulic cylinder of the punching station. It requires the dismantling of the punching area.
Press Brake for Geka Ironworkers

Standard press brake

This bending tool is available for all the Geka hydraulic ironworker machines ( It has the capability of obtaining sheet metal with generatrixes and straight edges. This unit requires dismantling the punching area since it must be placed on the same hydraulic cylinder as the punching station.
2 Positions press brake for Geka Ironworkers

2 positions press brake, transversal and longitudinal

This is a punching tool that is available for all the Geka ironworker punching stations. It offers the possibility of doing folding operations to flat bars and sheet plates. The tool can be placed parallelly or transversely to the machine punching station depending on the throat depth conditions, the profile type and the length of the bend. This way you will be able to use it for different kinds of lengths, profiles and folding operations.

New GEKA Tools

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