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Manufacturing all the machines and accessories you need for steel working since 1919. Geka prides itself in its innovation in designing hydraulic ironworkers and in the personalized service we offer our clients.

More than 90,000 GEKA machines working for our customers in 90 countries

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GEKA, 100 years fabricating machines for steel working.
At Geka, we are pioneers developing machines for steel working and we are always striving to improve our technology.

About Geka’s Experience:

We have spent more than 100 years working hard with our customers in order to study and meet their manufacturing needs: Geka has developed a deep knowledge of the market and has a proven track record of bringing unique solutions to the table.


We manufacture all of our parts and tools following our Geka high-quality standards.


Our technical team designs and provides accessories that enable your Geka machine to perform the most challenging ironworking jobs.

ABOUT GEKA USA: Hydraulic Ironworkers, CNC Lines and Accessories

Since 1919, Geka’s company has been fabricating steel working machines for processing angles, strips, and profiles. These are useful jobs in industries related to construction, steel structures, grid tower lines, telecommunications, welding workshops, and metal workshops.

Hydraulic Ironworkers

Hydraulic Geka Ironworkers. Strong, versatile and reliable.


Our wide range of GEKA original accessories.


Our wide range of punches, dies and replacement parts.

CNC Lines and Solutions

Optimize your manufacturing process with Geka’s CNC Solutions.


And many customers satisfied with GEKA. BECOME ONE OF OUR GEKA DISTRIBUTORS!

More than 85,000 satisfied customers

Long-lasting machines and our customers keep coming back.

We bought our first GEKA Ironworker in 1984 and after 30 years of working great and punching millions of holes we knew the only brand machine we would even consider to buy was going to be a GEKA when it was time to buy a new one.

Maybe a higher price but worth the extra money.

When we bought our GEKA Ironworker we had looked around and we could tell by the catalogues and quotes that the difference in the price was due to the much higher quality of the machine. We are glad that we purchased a GEKA. We look forward to growing our business and will more than likely purchase another GEKA when the time comes.

Custom Blade Set.

We had some very special profiles we needed sheared in our GEKA Ironworker and GEKA was able to produce a set of blades just from a sample that we couldn’t provide a drawing for. GEKA was able to work with us and make the blades and deliver them quickly as they were starting from scratch.


Innovation, trends, news, and everything you need to know to remain informed about steel working technology.

Reasons to choose Geka Group

We’ve been leading the punching and cutting industry for over 100 years. A century of meeting the needs of more than 85,000 customers worldwide. And the best is still to come!
100 years of experience and a consistent policy of ongoing refinement and self-improvement, manufacturing machines that adhere to very high standards of precision. The result? Unbeatable quality.
GEKA’s highly qualified engineers and after-sales team will always do the possible to answer your questions and solve your problems. Wherever you are. Whatever you’re doing.
After 100 years innovating all over the world, we have created more than 50 unique and very versatile machine models with 8,000 different accessories. And if you don’t find the one that perfectly fits your processes, we’ll make it!
All our processes meticulously follow European Union regulations from start to finish, as confirmed by GEKA’s EC mark. If it’s GEKA, you can trust it.
Our constant commitment to innovation and technological advancement has recently resulted in the new Bendicrop 130, GT250 and GR160 models. And continuous benchmarking policy.
We have an extensive global network of over 60 distributors in 85 countries. If you don’t find the machine or accessory required by your processes, our team will move heaven and earth to provide it for you.
Each GEKA machine is unique and manufactured in our first-class facilities according to very high standards of precision and in compliance with EC regulations
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