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Consumables for GEKA ironworkers: using high-quality blades, punches and dies guarantee a greater durability for your GEKA machine. In this page you may find some of Geka’s special and tailor-made solutions. At Geka, we have gathered more than 100 years of experience and established our presence in more than 90 countries.

Punches and Dies for punching stations

Our high-quality punches and dies may be used on our full range of Hydraulic Ironworkers and CNC Solutions and Lines.

These Geka ironworker consumables are used in many manufacturing processes and are an essential part of metal processing. Ironworkers and CNC lines use punches and dies in their punching stations to cut material in standard or custom-made shapes.

Blades for Shearing Station

Shearing blades for cutting angles, flat bars and profiles for our full range of Hydraulic Ironworkers and CNC Lines.

These Geka ironworker consumables are an essential part for any shearing station. Their function is to push the material that is being worked on against the blades in order to cut it. Using our high-quality blades guarantees an improvement on our machines’ working life and punching efficiency.

Custom Size Punches and Dies

These are Geka ironworker consumables that can be custom-made in order to fulfill your size and manufacturing needs.

Contact our technical support service with your requirements and we can help you design custom punches and dies for your ironworker.

Punches and Dies with special shapes

GEKA can help you with by manufacturing tailor-made punches and dies for your GEKA machines. We offer different punches and dies among our Geka ironworker consumables with special shapes that may be useful in you metal processing tasks.

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