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Geka FAQs: Where are Geka ironworkers made?

Geka has its headquarters in Spain, in Oiartzun, which is a town located in Gipuzcoa in the Basque country. Geka started their business in this town in 1919.

Where can I acquire Geka ironworker parts?

You can acquire Geka ironworker parts or machinery at Geka USA or at any of
our Geka ironworker dealers.

Geka FAQs: What are the features and characteristics in Geka’s one-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers?

The main features in Geka’s one-cylinder Hydraulic Ironworkers are the following:

Microcrop, Minicrop and Multicrop series

  • Angle cutting station
    • Material clamping guide.
  • Flat plate cutting station
    • Material clamping guide.
    • End switches for travel setting.
    • Cutting of flat plates.
    • Adjustable play between flat bar blades.
  • Punching station
    • Monoblock body and sandwich structure.
    • Blade-holder Adjustment.
    • Adjustable Stripper.
    • Quickc hange punch. Off-set punches available fors mall angles.
    • Safety protection.
    • Accurate positioning table with removable front for F punching, leg down.
  • Optional equipment
    • Blades for B cut minimum deformation.
    • Rectangular notching.
    • “Touch & Cut” length stop.

Minicrop and Multicrop series

  • Angle system at 90o without deformation.
  • Wide range of openings for B and A-cut without deformation.
  • Goose neck die-holder for punching of D and E sections in legs and web.
  • Blade for flat bar with unique radial geometry for shearing with minimum deformation.
  • Rectangular notching equipment with precision machined worktable and scaled stops.
  • Shearing angle section iron at 45.
  • Leg in and leg out (only in Multicrop).

Geka FAQs: What are the features of Geka’s Bendicrop Series of ironworkers?

These are the standard features in every Geka Bendicrop machine:
• Permanent bending station.
• Goose neck die-holder for punching of D and E sections on legs and webs. Quick tool change.
• Angle shearing without loss of material. Wide range of openings for B and A.
• Flat bar and plate shearing system with minimum deformation. F mitre shearing up to 45o.
• Rectangular notching with table. This station can also be used for tube notching, triangular
notching, etc.
• Anti-torque system for flat bar shearing without deformation.

Geka FAQs: Does Geka manufacture their own machinery and tools?

Geka Group designs, engineers and manufactures of all of their machinery and tools.

Geka FAQs: Does Geka make customized equipment?

Yes, Geka can manufacture equipment and tools that suit your specific ironworking needs. If you need any Geka manufacturing customized tools for your notching, punching or shearing equipment we may be able to provide them. Just contact our technical service and we will do everything possible to suit your needs.

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