Gamma Series: CNC Punching Solution for Angles Processing

The Geka Gamma Series consists of four models of CNC lines for punching, shearing, marking, and drilling angles. These are the Gamma Traction 250, for large and medium-sized angles processing, and three models in the Gamma Roller Series, for processing large volumes of angles and, in the case of the Gamma Roller 160, processing flat bars and U-channels.

The four models in the Gamma Series have different features, suitable for different angle processing operations, and punching forces. The models in the Gamma Series also have optional peripheral accessories and tools available from Geka, including an automatic side loader and an output conveyor unit. This means that you can configure them to your specific metalworking requirements with the help of our technical support service.

Models in the Gamma Series of CNC lines for angles processing

Gamma Traction 250, CNC line for processing large and medium-sized angles

Gamma Traction 250, CNC Solution for punching, shearing and drilling angles. This CNC line features a traction system with a feeder trolley for punching, drilling, marking, and shearing angles and flat bars. The Gamma Traction 250 features a cassette marking station, a punching power of 82 US tons and a shearing power of 560 US tons.

Gamma Roller Series, CNC Lines for processing large quantities of angles

Gamma Roller 80 / C2PL, CNC Line for angles.
The Gamma Roller 80 – C2PL is a fully automated CNC solution for punching and shearing angles on both sides.

Gamma Roller 150 2P / DPS, CNC Line for medium-sized angles.

Automated CNC line for punching, marking and cutting angles and flat bars.

Gamma Roller 160 – 3P / ALPS, CNC Line for angles, flat bars and U channels.

Automated CNC solution for punching, marking and cutting angles, flat bars and U profiles. The Gamma Roller 160 – 3P includes a cassette marking station and has a punching power of 82 US tons and a shearing power of 286 US tons.

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