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If you own a Geka Group hydraulic machine or CNC line—such as those in the Hydracrop, Bendicrop or Puma Series—we can provide you with customized pieces including custom punches and dies to suit your machine and manufacturing needs. With your hydraulic machine or CNC line model and your specific manufacturing needs, Geka can manufacture customized pieces to optimize your metalworking process.Geka can guarantee high-quality custom-made punches and dies that will ensure that your metalworking machines will perform at their best and to their optimal durability. Contact Geka Group and we can manufacture a custom die punch shape to your specific dimensions, allowing your machine to handle materials of different kinds and thicknesses.

What are custom punches and dies used for?

Punches and dies are key elements of ironworker machines. In metalworking and sheet metal processing, punches perform the bending of the material while the die securely holds it down and performs similar bending operations. Hydraulic machines and CNC lines will use them in the process of cutting or bending the material into a specific shape, making custom punches and dies very useful in certain cases. However, it is important that they be high-quality in order to ensure the productivity and resistance of your ironworker machine.

Other consumable available from Geka include shearing blades for shearing stations and standard punches and dies.
Geka is a manufacturer of hydraulic ironworkers and CNC lines and solutions that has been innovating in design and engineering since 1919. Our steel working machines and replacement parts provide your manufacturing processes with cost-efficiency, reliability and productivity. Over 90,000 machines manufactured by the Geka Group are used on any given day in 90 different countries.

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