Sigma 110 CNC Drilling Solutions for Plates, Flat Bars, Angles and Beams

The Geka Sigma 110 CNC solution and beam drill line for drilling, tapping, scribing, milling and marking beams, angles, tubes and rims of different sizes.

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CNC Line for drilling, tapping, milling, and scribing Beams, Tubes, Flat Bars and Angles.

Geka’s Sigma 110 is a CNC solution for drilling, tapping, milling, and scribing beams, angles, U-profiles, tubes, and flat bars with heights of up to 39 3/8″. An optional rotation system is also available to be mounted on the Sigma 110, which allows the CNC line to flip profiles without using a crane.

This CNC solution can drill up to 20 H.P., 3,000 RPM, and an automatic 5-tool changer.

Features and specifications for the Sigma 110 CNC Lines

Maximum working height39-3/8″
Maximum length of profiles472″
Type of profilesBeams, Angles, Channels, Square Tubes, Rectangular Tubes, and Plates
OperationsDrilling, Tapping, Milling, Scribing and Marking
Spindle power20(peak)/14.75 Nominal Hp
Number of tools5
Maximum diameter1-9/16″
Tool holderSK40 / ISO 40
Profile rotating systemYes
  • Capacities based on a material resistance of 65,000 tensile.
  • The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications without prior notice.

Peripherals Available for the Sigma 110:

  • Beams rotating system.
  • Line Pro Software.

SIGMA 110 CNC Line for Beams video:

Main Features of the Sigma 110 CNC Line for Beams

Powerful and reliable drilling head. 20 HP peak power. Extra strong double column guided movement. Spindle and rack and pinion X axis travelling. Ultra fast X axis acceleration.
The profile is clamped to the table by means of a vertical hold-down. Each hold-down is guided by 2 ridged linear guides.
5 Tools. Internal lubrication system.
Windows based PC control. Touch screen. Remote assistance over the internet. USB Port.

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