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Geka service is here to help you with anything that you require related to our steel working or CNC solutions. We have four main type of services that may help your company with their needs for manufacturing with steel and other metals: sales consultants, brochures, technical support and manuals.

Sales Consultant

Do you want to purchase one of our ironworking machines or replacement parts? Do you want to learn more about the features and characteristics of our ironworking machines and CNC solutions? In any of these cases and more, you may be interested in consulting our sales consultants for Geka machines and parts. We will do everything to help your manufacturing business succeed. Acquire all the necessary knowledge about any of our machines and parts now.

Brochure Request

If you are having any type of doubt about any Geka machine that you currently use or are thinking about acquiring, you may ask us for a brochure and we will send you one with complete information about any of our products, punching machines, CNC solutions, ironworkers, and accessories.

Technical Support

All of our products have been designed by qualified engineers with the clear purpose of helping you improve your metalworking manufacturing processes. If you have any trouble and require technical support, Geka’s service will put you in contact with these qualified engineers. They will be able to explain and resolve any type of doubt that you may have about any of our machines.

Manuals Request

If you need help with any of our machines or accessories, you may ask us for a manual through Geka’s services. All the machines, tools and accessories that we sell have a free manual that includes all the necessary specifications and information, from the maximum diameter or power that they have to what their functionalities are.

Just contact Geka’s service! We are always here to help you.

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