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Custom special and tailor-made solutions are available for your hydraulic ironworkers directly from Geka. Our technical service works with our clients to provide them with the solutions that they need for their manufacturing processes. With these tailor-made solutions, punching and cutting will be much easier.
There is a great range of possibilities that our tools with tailor-made solutions may be able to provide to you, from flower-shaped punching to the notching of louvres, among many other possibilities.

Tailor-made solutions for Geka ironworkers


Bars folding tool for punching station

These are a set of tools for special and tailor-made solutions that allow your machine to fold one or more bars when it is added to the oversize punching diameter unit.

Chain shearing tool for punching station

This tool consists of a punch and a die with a triangular form, its objective is to allow the client to cut chains.

Elastic hold-down for punching

Sometimes, punching flat bars in short distances may cause them to become deformed. This is a stripper designed as a tailor-made solution to correct the deformation that is generated by the tensions of cutting.
geka-usa-flat-bar notching-T-profiles

Flat bar notching for T Profiles

this tool will equip your machine to notch T profiles in webs and flanges when manufacturing your metals.
geka-usa-straight-cutting - punching

Straight cutting and punching

With this tool our machines can punch and cut flat bars with a straight end.

Rounding of flat bars and 2 punches

tailor-made solution for rounding, and double punching at the ends of flat bars with the oversize punching unit.

Rounding flat bars in punching unit

tailor-made solution for rounding, and punching at the corner of flat bars with the oversize punching unit.

Punching in the notching unit

This tool allows your machinery to punch materials that are not very wide or in the edges of flat bars.

Metal ring punching tool

this is one of our special and tailor-made solutions for notching metals.

Notching of louvers with hold-down

With the oversize punching units our machines are able to notch louvers. This tailor-made solution includes a hold-down to get better results.

Notching of louvres nº 13

With the oversize punching units our machines are able to notch louvres. This tailor-made solution does not include a hold-down.

Flower shaped punching

This tailor-made solution will help you to design custom parts.

Double punching UPN

This option allows for double punching in the webs of profiles.

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