Geka US offers high-quality replacement parts for all its machines and CNC lines, including replacement press brakes for the punching stations in the machines in Geka’s Hydracrop Series of two-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers and the Puma Series of punching machines.
Utilizing Geka original press brakes, and other replacement parts, guarantees that your machine is equipped with high-quality tools that optimize its productivity and working life. A Geka press break machine can be easily exchanged by an experienced worker following these steps.

How to change press breaks in a Geka hydraulic ironworker machine

1. Make sure that the Geka ironworker for which you would like to replace the press brakes is turned off and that the upstroke is set to its highest point.
2. Completely remove the machine’s punching station and the stripper supplement to allow the operator to mount the press brake punch holder directly onto the hydraulic cylinder.
3. Mount the press brake die along with the flat base which is included with it for this assembly.
4. Adjust the stroke again.
5. Align the punch and die.
6. A new press brake has now been installed on your Geka unit and it is now ready to be used.
Make sure you follow the safety instruction contained in the operator manual.

For more information or details, the machine’s operator can always refer to the official Geka instruction manual (available for all of our machines and models) for further instructions on how to replace the press brakes. Customers may also contact Geka’s technical support service to resolve any doubts or to ask for any kind of technical advice regarding their Geka machinery.

As a visual guide, we have also prepared this instructional video showing the process for replacing press brakes in our Bendicrop Series of hydraulic ironworkers.
How to change the press brake tools in the punching stations of Geka’s Bendicrop Series machines

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