Geka US offers high-quality spare parts for our full range of hydraulic ironworkers and CNC lines; these include replacement section blades for the shearing section of our ironworkers. These blades are very easily replaced in a simple operation that will only take minutes for an experienced operator.
Our wide variety of standard shearing blades allows our ironworkers to cut and shear in several different standard profiles including round bars, square bars, T-profiles, and UPN profiles. Customers may also acquire custom-made section blades to suit their particular manufacturing needs by working with our technical support service.
Acquiring your replacement section blades directly from Geka guarantees that they will be made according to our high-quality standards and ensures an optimal productivity and working life for your Geka ironworker machine.

How to change the section blades in a Geka ironworker:

1. Make sure that your Geka ironworker machine is turned off and that the blades are matching in the same stroke opening.
2. Remove the guide.
3. Both section blades may now be easily extracted.
4. After extracting the old blades, substitute in the new set in the free opening.
5. Align the blades.
6. Mount the guide back on again.
7. The new set of section blades has now been installed and you may now begin working with your
Geka ironworker again.

Make sure you follow the safety instruction contained in the operator manual.
For further information, the machine’s operator can always refer to the Geka instruction manual (available for all of our machines) for more instructions on how to perform this procedure. Additionally, Geka’s technical support service is also available to our clients to help resolve any doubts or issues.
As a visual resource, we have prepared the following video showing the process for changing section blades in our Geka Bendicrop Series of ironworking machines.

How to change section blades in the Bendicrop Serie.

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