GEKA’s input conveyor unit consists of reinforced idle rollers valid for profiles up to 6 meters long. The profile is clamped and pushed through by means of a reinforced carriage driven by a rack and pinion servo motor. The profile can be indexed against fixed rollers through pneumatic side rollers for an accurate guiding of the material. The plate or profile are also double-clamped for greater accuracy in the CNC- controlled carriage. This option is only available for some CNC lines in Geka’s product range.

Alfa series CNC solutions with input conveyor units

The infeed conveyor unit is a great option to use as an accessory for all the machines in Geka’s Alfa series. These are used for the punching, marking, drilling and shearing of flat bars. The conveyor system has different features in the Alfa 150 when compared with the ones that offered by the Alfa 500, 500-100 and Alfa plus machines:

  • Alfa 150:
    • Servo motor-operated tracking wheel. o Dedicated encoder unit.
    • Positioning speed up to 1,417′′/min.
  • Alfa 500, Alfa 500-150 and Alfa Plus:
    • Rack & pinion servo drive carriage.
    • Flat Bars and Angles are pushed and clamped by the carriage.

Gamma Roller 80 / C2PL80, CNC Line for working Angles

The Gamma Roller 80 / C2P is a fully automated CNC line for shearing and punching angles on both sides, from 1/8” to 3/8” in thickness. It features a servo motor-driven tracking roller for angle feeding.

Paxy CNC feeder

This is a CNC Feeder unit for Geka’s hydraulic ironworkers’ punching stations, which automates the task of punching lines of holes. Some of its basic features are its conveyor unit and positioning clamping guides. These features allow the machine to guarantee the automated positioning of material along the X-Axis, which permits the sequential multiple punching of profiles.

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