GEKA’s rotary marking disk unit can hold up to 40 characters. The positioning of the letters and/or numbers is setup from the CNC control using the shortest way possible. The machine will then mark the bars in the 80kN power station at a rate of approximately 1 second per character.

Alfa series

The rotary marking unit is an important feature in some of the Alfa series CNC solutions for punching, marking, drilling and shearing of flat bars. Please note that Alfa 150 CNC solution does not include the rotary disk unit as a feature.
The Alfa 500 solution features a CNC-controlled automated line for punching, marking and shearing flat bars of up to 40′ in length. It includes a triple head punching unit for diameters up to 1-1/4′′, a shearing station for over-sized material of up to 20′′ in width, with a thickness of up to 3/4′′ and the optional marking unit. One of the peripherals available for this machine is this 40-character rotary marking unit.
The Alfa 500-150 is a CNC automatic line which features a 40-character rotary marking unit which includes an optional disc. Some of the applications of the Alfa 500-150 solution are in the shearing flat bars and angles, as well as in marking and punching. The Alfa 500-150 has some upgrades available which include a rotary shear cutter and a mountable marking unit. It can drill flat bars up to 40” in length and up to 1 1/4′′ for vertical-wing punching of angles. It also features a triple-head punching unit for diameters up to 1 1/4′′ for flat-bar and horizontal-wing punching of angles.
The Alfa 500/165T is one of the Alpha plus CNC-controlled automated lines for the shearing, punching, drilling, and marking of flat bars of up to 40′ in length. It features a triple head punching unit for diameters up to 1 9/16′′ and optional drilling and marking units. It provides the user with the ability to configure the solution to best meet their manufacturing needs. This is, in part, because of one of its main features: a rotary marking unit.

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